HLC Accreditation Committees


Committee I & II – Joint Committee


Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Emily Freeman – Director of Faculty Affairs

James Howe – CHA UAMS General Council

Amber Booth-Mccoy – Senior Diversity Specialist

Gloria Kemp – Director of Student Financial Services

Suzanne Alstadt – Director of Sponsored Research and Administration

Liz Gates – Assistant Dean for Special Projects – College of Public Health

Lee Ann Macmillian-Crow – Professor, College of Medicine, Pharmacology Renal Dysfunction Resident

Lyndsay Johnson – Student Service Specialist – College of Health Professions


Committee III & IV – Joint Committee

Teaching Learning: Quality, Resources and Support

Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Latrina Prince – Assistant Dean – Graduate School

Amanda Golbeck – Professor – College of Public Health

Donna Middaugh – Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Nursing Administration Specialty Coordinator

Tina Maddox – Associate Dean – College of Health Professions

David Caldwell – Associate Professor – College of Pharmacy

James Graham – Associate Dean for Student Education, College of Medicine

Steve Boone – Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning Support

Clinton Everhart – Associate Provost, AA Enrollment Services

Jan Hart – Professor, UAMS Library

Susan Hoffpauir – Associate Dean – Clinton School of Public Service

Andrea Neal – Title IX/ADA Coordinator


Committee V

Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Danielle Taylor – Senior HR Director

Toni Emerson – Assistant Provost, AA Finance and Administration

Kristy Walters – Associate VC for Finance and Administration

Bill Waldron – Director of Campus Budgeting and Planning

Wade Anderson – Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs – College of Health Professions

Alisa Logan – Academic Computing Director

Pearl Mcelfish – Associate Vice Chancellor for Northwest Arkansas Region

Ben Jackson – Financial Manager, Campus Operations