2017 HLC Accreditation Committees


Mission Committee

Tim Hill – Vice Chancellor for Regional Programs – Committee Chair

Claudia Barone – Professor – College of Nursing

Billy Thomas – Professor College of Medicine, Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion

Leslie Taylor – Vice Chancellor for Communications & Marketing

Christina Clark – Chief of Staff – Administration

Robin Dreisigacker – Associate Dean of Administration – College of Medicine



Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct Committee

Bob Bishop – Vice Chancellor for Institutional Compliance – Committee Chair

Larry Cornett – Vice Chancellor for Research

Jan Shorey – Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Lucie Ingram – Director of Conflict of Interest

Mark Hagemeier – Chief General Counsel

Stephanie Farris-Blanchett – Human Resource Manager of Recruitment


Teaching Learning: Quality, Resources and Support

Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Joint Committee

Kevin Ryan – Associate Dean, College of Public Health – Committee Co-Chair

Susan Long – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs – Committee Co-Chair

Donna Middaugh – Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Nursing Administration Specialty Coordinator

Nadia Lalla – Associate Provost for Library and Student Services

Kristen Sterba – Associate Dean, Graduate School

James Graham – Associate Dean for Student Education, College of Medicine

Steve Boone – Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning Support

Ashley Castleberry – Assistant Professor and Director of Assessment, College of Pharmacy

David Wessinger – Professor, College of Medicine

John Spollen – Associate Professor, College of Medicine

Makenzi Stuckwisch – Student



Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee

William Bowes – Vice Chancellor for Finance, Chief Financial Officer – Committee Chair

Brigitte Grant – Associate Vice Chancellor for Development

Bill Waldron – Director of Campus Budget & Planning

Holly Naramore – CHA Chancellor Project Coordinator

Bill Woodell – Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs

Rhonda Jorden – Vice Chancellor for Information Services

Cherry Duckett – Vice Chancellor for Institutional Relations

Kevin Keen – Graduate Assistant