Steering Committee

The role of the HLC Steering Committee is to establish the goals of the study and provide an operational framework in which the committees, working group members and staff can work effectively. The Steering Committee provides guidance and leadership to assure that both the self-study and the site visit meet the expectations of the accrediting agency and the standards of excellence at UAMS.

Specific responsibilities of the Steering Committee include:

  • Provide guidance on setting up operating structure
  • Identify any changes or revisions that will require Commission approval
  • Approve the overall study design, including a project timeline
  • Provide guidance on setting institutional planning priorities
  • Assure congruity between institutional goals and self-study goals
  • Review progress on self-study and other aspects of the process on a regular basis
  • Intervene, when necessary, to remove barriers on behalf of committees
  • Review new or revised policies and procedures recommended by committees
  • Review self-study drafts and final self-study report
  • Participate in the site team visit